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The GSNN Alliance Summit Initiation

The First-Ever Global SME News Network (GSNN) Alliance Summit This Year Took Place Recently At The One World Hotel In Petaling Jaya.

A Coalition Of SME News Organisations, The GSNN Alliance Held The Summit Recently Which Witnessed The Attendance Of MALAYSIA SME® CEO Wayne Lim, MALAYSIA SME® Editor And Head Of Digital Media Vicky Gannason, And Five Other Delegates From Abroad Who Are Also Members Of The Alliance.

Those Members Included Smart SME Channel Founder Narintip Viriyabunditkul And News Editor Payungsak Wiriyabunditkul Of Thailand, Bangladesh Daily Industry Founder Dr Enayet Karim Of Bangladesh, Managing Director Regina Chong Of Brunei, And Weekly Islamic Newsletter Vice Managing Director Yoshihiko Tomita From Japan.

The GSNN Alliance Was Initiated By The MALAYSIA SME® Media Group. It Refers To The Integration Of Renowned And Up-And-Coming SME Publishers Or Media Owners Of Various Sizes, Fields Of Concentration, And Prowess With One Mutual Vision.

Its Vision Is To Contribute To The General Betterment Of SMEs All Over The World As A Demonstration Of Their Support, Part Of Their Giving Initiative, And Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Members Of The GSNN Alliance Seek To Connect With SMEs Internationally And At The Same Time Make Sure That Their Business Objectives Are Consistently Met.

Their Objective Is To Have 30 Alliance Members Coming From Different Countries To Contribute To The Collective Effort Of The Alliance. As A Member Of This Alliance, Access Will Be Granted To The Exchange Of SME News Between The Different Countries And Also Cross-Selling Opportunities.

Being A Cooperative International Online News Portal, The MSME News Network Aims To Help SMEs Around The World To Stay In Touch And Be Informed With Global News And Information Pertaining To SMEs. This News Network Is The Platform In Which The GSNN Alliance Works Hand In Hand In Providing Each Other With Valuable News.

The GSNN Alliance Annual Summit Gives Members Of The Alliance A Golden Opportunity To Meet With Each Other, To Share Their Experiences, To Learn From Each Other And To Impart Ideas Related To SME Business News Reporting And Similar Matters That Would Strengthen The Alliance And Their Initiatives.

Based On Being An Event Where Invitations Are Only Extended To Members, The Exclusive Occasion Sought To Form A New Set Of Quality Tools To Assist SMEs Better On A Global Scale.

At The Summit, Lim Shared How The GSNN Alliance Saw Its Inception. Google DownHe Said Vicky And Himself Were Exploring Options And Opportunities Outside Of Malaysia. That Was When They Discovered Some Potential Online, Despite The Irrefutable Nature Of The Potential Of Printed News.

Because They Found That Big Publishing Companies Were Not Too Receptive Towards Their Ideas, Given These Companies Having A Large Pool Of Resources And Lacking The Need To Work With Others, They Sought SME Publishers To Work With As They Believed There Was A Market Out There To Explore.

Lim Said, “This Is When The Name Global SME News Network (GSNN) Came Up And Its Idea Was To Gather As Many News Organisations Or Publishers As Possible.” He Added, “They Should Be SMEs Themselves, Not A Multinational Corporation (MNC) Or A News Giant.”

Lim Added, “It Will Be Difficult To Become CNN Alone But If We Join Hands, It  Is A Different Ball Game Altogether. We Believe That This News Portal Is Co-Owned By All The Alliance Members.”

Following That, Vicky Further Explained The News Portal Which Breaks Down The News According To Their Geopolitical Regions. She Said, “People Can Have Access To Content From Different Regions Wherever They Come From.”

Recognising SMEs As The Backbone Of The Economy, She Said, “They Are The Very Reason In Attaining Political Stability And Economic Prosperity; With Peace, Money And Stability Following SMEs’
Contributions, Undeveloped Nations Will Be Propelled Into Becoming Developing Countries.”

This News Network Has Its Writers Reporting From Several Countries, Constantly Keeping Themselves In The Loop On What Is Happening To The SME Scene There. It Was Also The First Media Partner For The World SME Expo In Hong Kong Whereby It Provided News Reporting For Them Virtually.

She Asserted, “With This Alliance, This Portal Becomes All The Members’, It Is Ours Collectively And We Can Make It A Success.”
Narintip And Payungsak, Both From People Media Co Ltd From Thailand Spoke About Their Business. They  Have A Television Channel Called Smart SME Channel. This Channel Plays Programmes Featuring SMEs In Thailand.

They Also Deal With The Publishing Of Magazines, Business Directories And More; Exhibitions In Which SMEs Can Showcase Their Products And Services, Do Business Matching And Attend Seminars; And New Media And Digital Marketing. Their Television Channel Can Be Accessed By 150 Countries Worldwide Using The Television, Computers, Mobile Phones And Tablets.

They Seek To Expose Their Target Audience To The Tricks Of The Trade, And Hold Live Television Shows Which Allow Its Audience To Call A Certain Business Expert To Seek Advice, Amongst Other Things. They Recently Formed An Occupational Training Institute For Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Narintip Was Hopeful When She Expressed, “We Hope To Offer Our Programmes And Write-Ups In English Soon, As They Are Now Only Available In The Thai Language.”

Next To Share On Her Business Journey Was Regina Chong Of From Brunei. “This Meeting  Is A Great Effort. The News Network Empowers Fighters Who Have Failed Who Would Eventually Be Successful.”

Running A Successful News Portal Online That Helps SMEs Without Their Own Websites Garner Publicity As One Of Their Major Roles, Chong’s Is Updated Twice Daily And Houses News And Information On Various Topics Including Health And Lifestyle.

It Also Deals With An Online Directory Through Which Businesses Can Be Searched By Industry And Interactive Tools Such As Currency Rates And Weather Forecast, To Name But A Few. Chong Said That Her News Network Will Continue To Grow To Benefit The Community.

Bangladesh’s Dr Enayet Karim Founded Bangladesh Daily Industry, The Only Leading Economic Newspaper In Bangladesh. What To Ask A Girl . He Said, “Because SMEs Are Far Away From Main Types Of Industries, They Are Not Paid Much Attention To.” He Added, “However, SMEs Provide A Lot Of Jobs And That Is Why We Must Support Each Other Under A Big Umbrella In Helping People Realise SMEs’ Significance.”

Yoshihiko Tomita Of Japan Introduced Us To His News Network, Japan’s Weekly Islamic Newsletter. Realising That Some Nations Have A Large Muslim Community, The Objective Of This Newsletter Is To Assist Japanese SMEs In Getting Into The Market Abroad.

He Said, “Indonesia And Malaysia, For Instance, Have An Important Market For Japanese Companies Therefore It Was Important To Know About The Muslim Community And Possibilities There Hence The Publication Of Our Newsletter.”

Having Discussed And Shared All Their Insights In The Business They Are Involved In Have Really Inspired And Motivated Each Other. The Members Of The Alliance Then Discussed The Various Possibilities Of Achieving Greater Heights As A Team In The Coming Future.