Tales of Inspiration 2

Tales of Inspiration is a coffee table book that is a compilation of the journeys of 34 successful SME entrepreneurs in each volume.

This book speaks about the journey that all successful entrepreneurs have endured on their road to triumph. Their stories are told from their hearts with no holds-barred. They speak sincerely and frankly on their humble beginnings and how incredibly hard it was for them to claw and scale their way to the top often making heart breaking sacrifices along the way. At the end, when they did make it, they look back on their passage and realise that it was just sheer determination and strength of mind that got them there.

This is a book that will give hope to entrepreneurs on the brink of giving up. This book will inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to stop thinking and start doing. If so many others before them could, the Tales of Inspiration is testament that they too can!