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PILLARS® Magazine

PILLARS® magazine is the definition of lifestyle and entertainment for the entrepreneur of today. From inspirational stories to astonishing successes in the industry, our personality features acknowledge and celebrate the drive and vision of SME owners.

In our various sections, we explore the essentials of the modern entrepreneur, through luxurious escapades, the most sought-after automobiles, the very best in dining, and the premium choices of wine and spirits. Every fortnight, we deliver to our readers a cornucopia of the aspirational, inspirational and desirable.

PILLARS® main sections include:

  • Cover story – Award-winning entrepreneurs give us an insight look on how they think, play and work in an in-depth personality piece.
  • Half Time – Our cover personalities shares their hobbies, preferred brands and lifestyle choices.
  • Next Gen – The next generation of young, hungry entrepreneurs waiting eagerly to make a change are given the spotlight to talk about what the future have in-stored for them.
  • [email protected] – Highlighting the often unseen talent that drives SMEs, from dispatchers to managers, we ask these vital individuals what drives them.