MALAYSIA SME® Business Newspaper

MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is the only business newspaper serving the SME community in the country. Dedicated to SMEs, we cover SME business news, updates, developments and events. Published fortnightly, MALAYSIA SME® offers insights, analysis, and in-depth interviews and opens doors into the lives of highly successfully SME personalities. SMEs can now obtain new focus and opinions that is specifically written for SME businesses.

MALAYSIA SME® also includes special pullouts namely PUBLIC & PRIVATE – a pullout focusing on large firms, BUSINESS & SPACE which focuses on business space particularly for SMEs, plus ENGAGE a monthly pullout that features councils, chambers of commerce and trade associations nationwide.

The MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is published by MSME Publishing Sdn Bhd, a member of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group

Malaysia SME newspaper section consists of:

  • Microscopes – Editor’s story pick, to be the talking point among SMEs.
  • SME News – Fortnightly round-up of SME related news nationwide.
  • Eco SME – A special section dedicated to SMEs in green and sustainable businesses that are on the rise in Malaysia.
  • Her SME – Celebrating the women behind the business and how their stories help turn them into successful entrepreneurs.
  • Striking – All about up and coming entrepreneurs making waves in unique enterprises.
  • SME Bytes – Technology-focused section complete with latest ICT news and development for SMEs.
  • Insight – Thoughts and researched analysis on SMEs and entrepreneurship from columnist and other industry key-players.
  • Gallery – Highlights of SME-related events.
  • Enterprising World – All about SME-related news on an international scale.

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